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Thermoplastic Line Markings, Line Markings, Stencils and Line Markings

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Parking enforcement solution

Line Marking

We are pleased to say that our products have shown themselves to be durable under the gruelling test of British weather conditions and that our repeat customers can reasonably expect a ten year working life span.

Line marking has the purpose of boundary setting; in other words, they send out the message ‘thus far and no further’ to appropriate persons.

Typical usage is for demarcating private parking spaces which is compulsory in the event of a dispute in which case photographic evidence is usually necessary. In practice, white paint is used for setting out the edges of a parking space.

Almost always, a parking space is of a special dimension.

Customers have requirements that include:

Do please note that as regards cost our quote to you takes into account the distance we travel to your site and the estimated time it will take our specialists to complete the project from A to Z.

Thermoplastic line marking

This is a relatively new technology that has proved its worth on British and overseas road surfaces. The superiority of thermoplastic over paint has been demonstrated time and time again.

We are pleased to say that we provide the following products as thermoplastic markings:

Road Marking Stencils

Flashpark provides a wide range of patterns to be burnt as plastic onto the road surface.