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Private Parking Enforcement

The laws and rules and regulations over private parking enforcement are changing rapidly.

Essentially, the wheel-clamping and towing options are going to disappear by force of law. Both these methods had led to terrible feelings and confrontations – including physical violence.

Parking enforcement solution

The laws and regulations are travelling fast to non-physical private parking enforcement such that the deterrent power is there but the motorist has access to the use of his vehicle at all times.

Both the clamping and the towing options had been founded on the ancient Common Law doctrine of distress damage feasant which was all about constraining the straying animals of third parties until the owners had paid up for the damage they (the animals) had caused. The Animals Act 1971 ended the legal validity of this doctrine for all time. It will definitely not return.

Flashpark, the brand name of Vehicle Control Solutions Ltd, boasts state of the art methodology and technology that enables, you, the private property owner, to protect your property rights with no:

Both of which are features of clamping and towing away.

Flashpark uses:

Flashpark’s system is to first accept you as our customer and then to issue you with the appropriate number of warning notices to display around your parking area. We work in England and Wales and there is little cost to you, indeed you get to have a slice of the parking charge in the infrequent instances where a warning notice has been disregarded.

It is essential that you place the warning notices in sensible spots around the designated parking ground.

Our No Parking notices have the dual functions of:

Vehicle Control Solutions Ltd has had extensive experience in this testing field since several decades ago and represents the industry on the media platforms including celebrated appearances on BBC and ITV news. In fact, you can watch them on the press section of the Flashpark website.

Flashpark possesses a long and successful track record going back several decades in the arena of parking control. As stated above, we are called to account for industry practices by ITV and BBC news when the subject of car park management and enforcement becomes a hot topic and these interviews can be watched in the press section of the Flashpark website.

Essentially, parking control takes two forms:

It is our firm assertion that for the (vast) majority of private property owners Flashpark’s leading edge methodology involving the Internet and downloaded photography promises and delivers the best deal for parking deterrence for the ordinary man and woman with one or more parking spaces to protect.

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